We could not be where we are today without our amazing team at Cardinal Ranch. From our breeding manager to each groom; every job counts. Cardinal Ranch takes pride in the ability to fully serve our customers with the best support staff in the industry. We are thankful for each and every stallion and mare owner that has trusted is with the care and confidence of their animal.

Our Team

Jennifer Anderson

Ranch Manager

Emily Scoles

Breeding Manager

Cale Anderson

Assistant to Breeding Manager

Franco Betolani

Head Trainer

Giorgia Codeluppi

Assistant Trainer

Eduardo Maranho Giannasi

Assistant Trainer

Gloria Spiaggi

Assistant Trainer

 Jason Walter, DVM


Paulo Firmino


Cardinal Ranch Owner – Joao Marcos

A native of Brazil, João Marcos is fully committed to supporting and developing the sport of Reining on an international level.